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Cloud based behavior
analysis for marketplaces.

  • Indoor tracking
  • Quantifying data
  • Explaining patterns
  • Predicting with models
  • Monetizing your data
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Discover the story hidden within your data

  • Analytics, reports, charts, dashboards

    Add analytics to the one-stop dashboard or strategically display them at the right time to the right audience.

  • Location analytics and maps

    Load your data sets and get detailed interactive maps with included location analytics.

  • More than just charts

    Visualized value of different positions based on your data, calculated based on path and retention analysis.

  • Custom styles and visualizations

    Design the visualizations to fit seamlessly into your technology’s look and feel, customize the analytics to mmet your needs.

  • Multi-tenancy data security

    Set the security as high as you need it. All data is stored safely in different analytics stages, so that the raw data is accessible at any moment for recalculations.

  • Complex Analytics on the fly

    As your data updates, Agitron updates the computations, so your analytics are always up to date.

  • Advanced caching for fast performance

    Optimized queries and advanced caching for blazing fast computations, analyses, and visualizations.

  • The right data every time you need it

    Agitron API can serve different data streams upon request for use in other applications and commercial use scenarios.

Monetisation scenarios

Business case

The key potential of the Agitron platform for business are real world data metrics to assess the real value of store locations. The value calculations can help the business to sell a micro location to dealers based on real-world analytics.

Costumer case

Agitron hardware and software solutions provide the perfect platform for location- and user-dependent advertising, where the content can be served directly to the right user at the right location and time.

We supply Data Discovery Tools

Agitron Analytics
Costumer behaviour analytics for the retail marketplace.

Agitron Analytics is an upgrade for shopping carts and baskets, which enables you to gather important consumer behavior and movement data like location, decisi on duration, average shopping time and in-store space valuation information. All these data can be provided to a dedicated retailer software via API.

Agitron Advertising
Consumer One-on-One shopping experience.

Easy-to-use dashboard for instant mobile push notifications to customers in your store. Agitron Mobile Notifications is easy to use mobile advertising tool that provides automatized mobile push notifications directly to your customer’s smartphones. Agitron Mobile Notifications are available as an SDK to integrate with your existing mobile app or as a standalone version.

Agitron Smart Lables
Smart labels with Agitron tracking ability. More than just pricing.

Agitorn Smart Labels connects shoppers at the shelf and in any other life situation where the shopper needs to enhance customer experience. Cloud-connected 3 Colour e-Ink shelf displays are perfect for automated frequent price changes. All functionality is available over the Agitron Dashboard or directly over the Agitorn API for implementation in various retail applications.

The technology behind the Agitron data brain

Indoor tracking hardware

Track your costumers accurately with Agitron Cloud connected two-way tracking hardware, based on a transceiver network and specially designed tracking units.

Secured Cloud Data Storage

All collected raw data is securely transmitted to the cloud. Additionally, the Cloud can control all hardware units and detect possible problems and malfunctions in real time.

Cloud-based Analytics

The analytics system uses all collected raw data in different stages to generate useful contextual driven data that can be visualized.

Web-based Dashboard

A secure dashboard with two-way authentication is the key to discover the added value for your business case from your favorite browser and device.

Efficient data use scenarios

Optimize your store layout

You can create different layouts in your store, analyze it and create the optimal store layout for your specific costumer groups. You can compare different layouts of one store to analyze the differences of the same micro location.

Assess the micro location value

Visualize the value of different positions based on your data. You can use different layouts of you stores and compare the value. The value is analyzed from different data sources.

Analyze patterns and behaviors

Bring your data and analytics directly to your store shelves and monetize your store flow/layout. The complex Agitron Cloud service algorithms can search for patterns and forecast models.

API for loyalty App connection

Integration of third party mobile or web applications for indoor localization with no additional hardware costs. No need for placement of Beacon-like hardware technology.

How it works?


  • In-house developed hardware
  • Accurate indoor localisation
  • Secured data transmission
  • Open API for App integration


  • Raw data
  • Complex calculations
  • Explaining patterns
  • Increased data velocity
  • Different data sources


  • Databoards
  • Path analytics and Retention
  • Heatmaps
  • Store metrics (KPI)
  • Usage scenarios

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